/NRSO Road Safety Update – May 2021

NRSO Road Safety Update – May 2021

NTUA – Innovation in Road Safety Research Workshop, online, May 2021

NTUA within the framework of the Sixth UN Global Road Safety Week organised with great success a Scientific Workshop titled “Innovation in Road Safety Research” which was held online on May 20th, 2021. The objective of this Workshop was to highlight through an intensive flow of presentations the main findings and challenges of key road safety research projects carried out within the NTUA Department of Transportation Planning and Engineering and to open up the discussion in a round table with high-level experts on key innovations in road safety research in Greece, in Europe and worldwide. NTUA supports actively the UN Global Road Safety Week pledge for speed limits of 30km/h in urban areas

  • Workshop Programme: pdf5
  • Team Photo: 
  • Workshop Video: video

Workshop presentations concerned:

  1. ppt5 The NTUA Road Safety Observatory
  2. ppt5 Driver needs and behaviour in automated traffic – Drive2theFuture
  3. ppt5 Societal impacts of connected and automated vehicles – Levitate
  4. ppt5 Shared Automation Operating Models for Worldwide Adoption – Show
  5. ppt5 Holistic Approach for Driver Role Integration into Automation – Hadrian
  6. ppt5 Driver-vehicle-environment interactions and safety tolerance – i-Dreams
  7. ppt5 Smart city mapping for safer and eco driver behaviour – SmartMaps
  8. ppt5 Smartphone applications for driver safety behaviour support – BeSmart
  9. ppt5 Development of the Road Safety Strategic Plan in Greece 2021-2030
  10. ppt5 Collection of Road Safety KPIs in Greece – Baseline-G
  11. ppt5 EU Methodology for Road Safety KPI Collection – Baseline-I
  12. ppt5 Open science in road safety – BeOpen
  13. ppt5 A Methodology for Network-wide Road Assessment – NetSafety
  14. ppt5 Modelling crash modification factors globally – i-SafeModels
  15. ppt5 Road Safety Audit of the Hellinikon Metropolitan Pole
  16. ppt5 Monitoring road safety attitudes globally – Esra2
  17. ppt5 Investigation of driver distraction effect using big data from smartphones
  18. ppt5 Safety behaviour assessment of older drivers in real driving conditions
  19. ppt5 Covid-19 impact on mobility and safety
  20. ppt5 Model traffic and parking arrangements for the Athens Great Walk
  21. ppt5 Electromobility as driver for sustainable mobility and safety – e-Mopoli
  22. ppt5 Socio-economic impact of environmental transport charging – EcoCharge

Round table discussion:

  1.  ppt5 Safety Innovations in Automation and Connectivity, Prof. Andrew Morris
  2.  ppt5 How are Emerging Data Enabling Smarter Safety Applications?, Prof. Constantinos Antoniou
  3.  ppt5 Innovations for Safe Driver Behaviour, Prof. Tom Brijs
  4.  ppt5 Which Values for Future Safety Technologies, Ass.Prof. Eleonora Papadimitriou   

NTUA endorses UN Global Road Safety Week pledge for 30km/h urban speed limit, May 2021

NTUA participated actively in the Sixth UN Global Road Safety Week  by organising a key Scientific Workshop titled “Innovation in Road Safety Research” held online on 20 May 2021  , contributing at the Together for Safer Roads Vision Zero Fleet Forum  and several other workshops and endorsing the pledge of the UN Global Road Safety Week for speed limits of 30km/h in urban areas, together with the United NationsWorld Health OrganisationInternational Road FederationWorld Bank GRSFETSC/FEVRRSI P.MylonasEFTHITA, Interamerican.



Latest Developments

WB/GRSF – Speed Management Hub, March 2021

The World Bank Global Road Safety Facility (GRSF), under the new BIGRS Program 2020-2025, hosts the new Speed Management Hub.  In this platform, the GRSF team provides evidence-based road safety knowledge to help manage speed through infrastructure interventions, effective enforcement, targeted awareness measures, and vehicle technology, highly useful also for the UN Global Road Safety Week pledge for 30km/h speed limit in urban areas. Key engagements from this focus area include the provision of technical expertise to program partners, countries and cities on speed management and the preparation and publication of Global Speed Management Guidelines.



Together for Safer Roards – Vision Zero Fleet Forum, online, May 2021

Together for Safer Roads organised with great success the Vision Zero Fleet Forum, which was held online on May 19th, 2021.  With focused contributions from key safety experts, this fleet-specific forum, focused on Vision Zero practices that maximize global learning and impact for fleet safety managers, city authorities, vision zero practitioners and city streets users.  NTUA actively contributed in the section Commercial Fleets, Vision Zero & Data Sharing.





Vinci Autoroutes – Euro-Barometer for responsible driving, May 2021

According to the 8th Euro-Barometer for Responsible Driving, recently published by the Fondation VINCI AutoroutesGreece has the highest rate of drivers (16%) that have been involved or almost involved in a road accident due to mobile phone use in Europe (EU average 11%). 57% of Greek drivers admitted calling while driving using a Bluetooth system, 53% using headphones and 42% without using any hands-free equipment. Moreover, 27% of Greek drivers stated sending and reading text messages or e-mails on their mobile phones while driving, whereas the respective European average is 22%. In addition, 11% of drivers in Greece report to have watched a film or video on a smartphone or tablet while driving, whereas the European average is 7%.



Colonna P., Ranieri V., Berloco N., Intini P. – Road safety. Technical solutions to a behavioural and technological problem with a scientific approach, December 2020

A new book titled “Road safety. Technical solutions to a behavioural and technological problem with a scientific approach” authored by Pasquale ColonnaVittorio RanieriNicola Berloco and Paolo Intini was recently published. This book is aimed to provide both the scientific background and an operational framework for safety enhancement of existing roads, applicable regardless of the specific country and to prioritise the human value thanks to the benefits from reduced severe crashes.





SHOW – 2nd Newsletter, May 2021

The Horizon 2020 research project SHOW (SHared automation Operating models for Worldwide adoption) has recently released the SHOW 2nd Newsletter. The Newsletter provides a short overview of the technical progress at demo sites and project level, as well as a selection of fresh outputs  relevant to share with the wider CCAM community, including for example a market analysis of mobility services, a first version of the SHOW open modular system architecture and an introduction to the tool that will be used to collect user opinions on social media.





Our Publications

UITP – Academic Network Research in Mobility Committee, April 2021

The Research in Mobility Committee of the UITP organised with great success an online event on 27 April, in which Road Safety and many other interesting topics were discussed.

NTUA actively contributed with the following presentation: ppt5 Mobility and Safety Research Challenges in Public Transport



NU Oman – International Webinar series on Sustainable Road Safety, May 2021

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of National University of Science and Technology of the Sultanate of Oman (NU) organized with great success the first lecture in the context of International Webinar series on Sustainable Road Safety, which was held on 5 May. Dr. Stergios MavromatisNTUA Assistant Professor, delivered a webinar titled Role of Infrastructure design in achieving sustainable Road safety. The Webinar provided a deep insight into current issues in accident analysis and discussed the proactive and reactive strategies with appropriate examples. The Vision Zero and Safe System Approach were presented, while the improvement of road design to reduce potential crashes was explained with practical examples. pdf5 pdf5




Province of Brescia – e-MOPOLI final conference, online, May 2021

The Province of Brescia, leader partner of the Interreg Europe project Electro MObility as driver to support POLicy Instruments for sustainable mobility (e-MOPOLI) organised with great success the e-MOPOLI Final Interregional Conference (phase 1) which was held online, on 19 May 2021. The meeting focused on presentation of project outputs, such as good practices, recommendations and on 9 partners regional action plan from Italy, Slovenia, Greece, Flanders, Finland, Norway, Romania and Latvia. It also presented key results and future scenarios of alternative fuel mobility NTUA actively contributed with the following presentations:

Time series forecasting of pandemic impact on driving behavior, May 2021

A paper titled “Identifying the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on driving behavior using naturalistic driving data and time series forecasting” authored by Christos KatrakazasEva MichelarakiMarios Sekadakis,  Apostolos Ziakopoulos,  Armira Kontaxi and  is  published in Journal of Safety Research. Based on data collected through the OSeven smartphone application, the results of this Paper revealed the intensity of the impact of COVID-19 on driving, especially on average speed, speeding, and harsh braking per 100 km. Road crashes in Greece were reduced by 49% during the months of COVID-19 compared to the non-COVID-19 period.doi 




Correlation of declared and revealed driver behaviour using smartphone sensors, March 2021.

An NTUA Diploma Thesis titled “Correlation of declared and revealed driver behaviour using smartphone sensors” was recently presented by Nadia Kokkali. 19 drivers naturalistic driving data were collected through the OSeven smartphone application and the respective questionnaire. Two regression poisson statistical models were developed, indicating that driving experience, driver age, number of injury accidents in which the driver was involved, vehicle age, fines received by the driver during the last 3 years are all associated with increased harsh events. In most of the cases, a convergence between stated and revealed behaviour was observedpdf5 ppt5




Upcoming Events

LEVITATE Webinar on road safety assessment of automated vehicles, online, May 2021

The EU-funded Horizon 2020 project Levitate (Societal Level Impacts of Connected and Automated Vehicles) is organising a Webinar on Road safety assessment of automated vehicles, which will be held online, on 27 May, 14:00-15:30 CET. The Webinar will offer a discussion on which road safety impacts can be expected from Connected and Automated Transport Systems and how best the different types of impacts can be quantified. Key findings from the Levitate project analyses will be presented including estimation of impacts using microsimulation and those focusing on Vulnerable Road Users. 



ETSC – Road Safety Performance Index Annual Conference and Award Ceremony 2021, online, June 2021

The European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) is organising the Road Safety Performance Index Annual Conference and Award Ceremony 2021 (PIN conference) which will be held online, on 16 June 2021, at 10:30-13:00 (CET). In June each year ETSC’s analysis of overall annual progress on tackling road deaths and serious injuries is published in the PIN Annual Report. The PIN conference is also the platform for the presentation of the PIN Award to the best performing country.  pdf5



NTUA – Road Safety and Simulation International Conference, Athens, June 2022

The National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), in cooperation with the Hellenic Institute of Transportation Engineers (HITE) organises the 8th Road Safety & Simulation International Conference 2022 (RSS2022) which will be held on NEW DATES 08-10 June 2022 in Athens, Greece. The Conference’s theme this year will be: “Road Safety and Digitalisation” aiming to capture all recent trends in road safety emerging technologies, surrogate measures, augmented and virtual reality, big data, modeling and simulation, which are expected to boost global road safety in the coming years. Road safety experts and scientists from all over the world will join forces for a widely open and vivid discussion on both traditional and innovative solutions with high potential for traffic safety improvement. Selected papers will be published in key international scientific journals and special awards will be granted to best papers.  

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This Road Safety Update aims to support frequently the Greek and the International Road Safety Community with current key road safety knowledge and data, which are gathered, analysed and organised within the research activities of the Department of Transportation Planning and Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens.