/Joint EuroMed TSP – World Health Organization (WHO) Booklet

Joint EuroMed TSP – World Health Organization (WHO) Booklet

Dear Colleagues,

I take pleasure in sending you attached the English Version of the Joint EuroMed TSP – World Health Organization (WHO) Booklet: Understanding and Bridging the differences between country-reported and WHO Estimated Road Traffic Fatality Data, under Activity 1A.2.6.b. French and Arabic versions of the same as well as hard copies in EN-FR-AR will be made available soon.

As an outcome of intensive efforts and cooperation of WHO and our team representing one of the most important deliverables of our project with high regional and global value and relevance, this Booklet attempts to explain the disparity between WHO estimates and country-reported data on road traffic fatality and provide suggestions on what steps countries can take to strengthen their data systems and bridge these differences.

I take this opportunity to thank Dr. Kacem Iaych, Technical Officer, Violence and Injury Prevention, WHO, Dr. Eleonora Papadimitriou, Senior Road Safety Data Non-Key Expert and Spiros Triantafyllos, Project Manager, EuroMed TSP, for their efforts and cooperation in making this Booklet a reality.

With kind regards

Team Leader & Road Freight Transport Key Expert